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❝ Rhyme of another Summer [ @lyricalrosa ]


[]A faint chuckle would escape the pianist’s lips as she observed the straw-hat attempt a few random notes, before questioning. ❝Would you like to learn how to play?❞ she was uncertain if some one with his enthusiasm would have the patience to sit still for a long time and try and learn piano, but if he said he was interested, then she’d definitely attempt to teach him, at least a single easy song.

    His answer wasn’t exactly a very informative one, and she might have questioned it much further had it been someone else, but this was Luffy and she quite trusted him so there was no reason to be wary and the simple answer would satisfy her.

    ❝Most of the crew are off the ship investigating the island at the moment❞ she’d respond, though there were some still keeping guard at the ship, the number wasn’t half as big as their usual, leaving the often crowded and boisterous ship with a rather oddly peace and quiet. ❝What about your crew? Are they nearby? Maybe I can meet them?❞ she’d question all too excitedly, thinking back to how he’d been alone last time they had met as well, but back then he had mentioned that it was because he had ‘time traveled’, a concept she didn’t comprehend too well but found rather amusing, nonetheless. 


    ❝Well, I play a little guitar — but we can play something other than music too; how about a little game?❞ she’d suggest, hoping to kill some time till her nakama’s return.

            【 ♚              Fingers running randomly on the piano, Luffy stopped at the musician’s question, checking his head. He wasn’t the kind to be able to really focus to learn an instrument, thus, he didn’t really have a ear for music. He liked to thing, but he wasn’t a very good singer. All that didn’t stop him from sining or enjoying music, in the contrary. Learning instruments wasn’t in his plans and his interest was clearly else where as he asked a couple of question to the blond woman, looking around, at the instrument and back to Rosa. 

            ❝           I see… ❞ Simply answered the straw hat with a small nod of the head. It wouldn’t have been a problem anyway, he tend to stumble upon places randomly and if people knew him he was usually out of trouble very quickly. Most of the time. ❝ Nope, came on my own. ❞ Luffy answered, he was about to suggest Rosa that they could travel back to his timeline to meet with them, but she already answered his other question.

      Guitar. Like Franky then, Franky did play a bit of guitar once in awhile and actually Luffy realised he never asked him where he was hiding that guitar all the time. Another secret compartment, probably, his shipwright was fascinating. Grinning at the thought, he looked back at the musician when she suggested they could play a game. 

            ❝ A game? ❞ Echoed the straw hat surprised by the suggestion. ❝ What kind of game do you play here? ❞ Luffy asked curiously with a large smile, he’ll consider it if any games she suggested inspired him, otherwise, maybe they may have to think of something else to kill time. Truth was, the straw hat just came for a visit to check up on her because he did tell her that he’ll be back for more adventures, he also was curious to know how things were going, here.

Vanityvanguardink & Timetravellerluffy || Contemporary AU || Story in Ink.


"Very well."Hellmare replied. 

Ink listened carefully to Luffy’s suggestion. She smiled at the journalist’s compliments. “Sure! That’ll be awesome. If anything, we can ask Jaron or-“

"Or me to take you to our home personally." Hellmare added softly with a nod. "It is better since a few of us do not bounties on them. Vice versa, few of us are not considered by the authorities’ high importance. So we go through doing daily errands easily with no hinderance."She explained.

"Where we live is called Wyckoff!" Ink said. "It’s not known to the everyone but it’s a place, a big island for everyone whom the big cities kick them out for stupid stuff or pretending they don’t exist."She frowned at the policies the city has. 

"It is a home to the poor and poor middle class. People such as  homeless, orphans, artisans, reformers, undocumented, former war veterans and union workers. I usually with the veterans and helping them to get better suffering from PSTD as well with mentally and physical disabilities. I’m with the witch doctor, Ophelia to ensure they will get better."

"Yep! Like what Hellmare said, everyone is helping out everyone!" Ink opened her arms. "But me, Fosh or Jaron can give you a call for a good time for more interviewing stuff!"

            【 ♚             Hellmare didn’t mind, not that the journalist care or would have change his habits for them, but at least he was thankful that the teenager get it and accept it easily. Luffy often had friends and colleagues complaining about it, thus once he did let everything on and it was a storm of phone calls and text messages. Most of the time anyway he’ll just move to see and talk to people, he tend to scream when he talked by the phone and miss to reply to some texts. Don’t ask him to multitask, he was awful at it. 

      Ink seemed to agree to move the interviews to some other time, Luffy liked the idea to do something weekly or every two weeks about the group, like a chronicles, with special breaking news from time to time. It’d be a format people enjoy, get curious and would allow them to be heard of more often. A bit like his articles on various trials or event that people tend to forget easily, because information was going so fast around the world, as if because we don’t talk about it anymore, it is not still happening. Anyway, she was about to suggest something but Hellmare offered to bring him to their home, a place that they share with other rejected souls of the society. Intrigue the journalist held a few question as Ink presented to place and the people living there. People, from various background, fighting to survive and helping each other. Seemed to be quite a place and even through articles, Luffy doubt that it would have the resonance they needed and the all story was starting to take the form of a real documentary adventure. He’ll pin that idea later, for now he’d rather keep it in writing and see how things go, thus he was a newspaper journalist, not a reporter.

            ❝           Sounds like it’s quite a special place. ❞ The journalist finally said with a weak grin moved by the all story, yet he raised an eyebrow. ❝ A witch doctor, uh… ❞ Not that Luffy was a big believe in any kind of magic, he was always intrigued and curious about people who claim to have such fantastic abilities. He find it interesting and liked to believe in it when he could, like an old kid that still believed in the magic of Christmas, which he did. 

            ❝ Sounds like a plan. ❞ He said nodding his head, it was time to wrap up this peculiar meeting. I’ll wait for your call and accept your invitation. ❞ Luffy said without hiding his excitation, he was looking forward to meet more people and discover that place.

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❝ Things we lost [ @xx-still-burning-flame-xx ]


Still a bit feeling sorry for the waitress he shook his head, now looking on his little brother again. It still felt a bit unreal to be here together with  him after all that had happen two years ago but he at least wanted to try to not to think about that to much. What mattered was that Luffy was here now.  Nothing more or less. 

Hearing the question of his brother made him blink a bit, before he slowly nod. "Yeah..I’m alright.. just being lost in my thoughts for a moment." he answered. It was the moment where he realized, that they was alone again, when did the waitress left actually? Well…never mind. If she wasn’t here anymore the food would come soon. Slightly he shook his head again, trying to focus on his brothers words.
"Don’t know.. maybe trying to find Sabo or my nakama again? What are you planing to do?”


             ♚             The straw hat’s attention was fully on his brother that for a moment seemed to have been lost in his own thoughts. They were often doing that, allowing their minds to slip, a bit like day dreaming and not as confusing as narcolepsy was. He smiled softly back to his older brother, a little grin on the corner of his lips. If Luffy was relieved to see that his brother seemed to feel a little better it didn’t take out that in a bit, he would leave him alone again, even if he assured the other he would came back, he hope that Ace trusted that he will.

            ❝            Well, go back to my own timeline, probably heading for some new adventures. ❞ Answered the young captain, eyes having difficulties to stay focus on his older brother, checking if any of their meal would come up. ❝ I’ve been travelling around for quite sometime… ❞ Not that it matter. Luffy just realised that he spend a lot of time jumping between various timeline, loosing track of time, per say. Adventure was so huge out there, yet, his ambition to become Pirate King remained and to achieve that was to do it in his own timeline, which was, probably with his crew, the two things that kept him anchored to his timeline. ❝ Next time we meet, we both could travel together if you wanna. 


 ▒▓█———— ✘                ❝ interesting !

                                                       we are Leviathan , ❞


            ❝           And what are Leviathans?